About Rhema Bethesda.

Bethesda Family Sanctuary

  • Bethesda Family Sanctuary was founded on 25th December 2008.
  • The founder is Dr Mpho Nchabeleng , founder and visionary and Dr Masoono Nchabeleng associate pastor.
  • The vision of Bethesda is to preach the infalliable word of God, to empower, to teach, to restore the family unit. We believe in the Great Commision and that the Lord has given us nations for our inheritance.

DNA/Blueprint Model for Leadership

In our church we believe in leadership that is based on Jesus-style of leadership of service and humility.

Mentoring is a core part of our model of leadership. When a leader mentors other people he multiplies himself, thus we value mentorship as part of the core of our DNA

An equipped leader is one who is activated for success.

Shepherding is leadership based on care and love therefore its part of our DNA.

Success is nothing if done alone. But success is more meaningful with consolidated relationships which are genuine.

The ministry of Jesus is based on service which is also a pillar of our DNA.


  • Started 25th December 2008
  • Section 21 : NPO ( Non – Profit Organisation )
  • Registration Number : 2009/010833/08
  • Registration Date : 03/06/09
  • Registration Name : Bethesda Family Sanctuar
  • Directors